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Boreal Wellness

A footbath on the sunny porch after a hike, or a sauna visit after a day of dogsledding - unwind in our small but excuisite wellness area!

One of the main Lodge's bathroom also houses our traditional finnish style sauna, a relaxing area and a selection of herbal wellness-options. Cozy up in a fluffy bathrobe with a good book and let your feet dangle in a bath of hand-picked boreal herbs from the forest around you.

Visit the sauna to warm up after your winter adventure outdoors, and enhance your experience with the scent of local spruce, juniper and balsamic fir.

Our wellness program is self-served. Blend the herbs to your specific needs and liking. You will find instructions and safety information in the sauna room and we will prepare everything for you, so you can enjoy your privacy during your spa visit.

If you have a keen interest in the plants and herbs used, you can book a short walk with your host or guide, to pick the herbs yourself before you use them. Or, you might encounter some of them on your hike during the day, collect them respectfully and bring them home for immediate use.

.... and now, you're ready for a good meal!