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Getting there...!

The Yukon Territory is Canada’s northwesternmost Territory with an area of ~480,000 sq km with a population of only about 38,000. Whitehorse, the Territory’s capital, is home for most of them, about 25,000 call it their home. Whitehorse has its own international airport which links the city to the rest of the country and even to europe.

Here below you will find some usefull information about flight connections to the Yukon as well as further details on how to get to Tagish Wilderness Lodge:

Flight Information to/from the Yukon:

  • Condor
  • Air North - Yukon's Airline
  • WestJet
  • Air Canada
  • Condor

    Condor operates one nonstop charter flight per week (Sundays) from Frankfurt to Whitehorse. Connections from several European cities area available. For more information please visit www.condor.com From Whitehorse, we make arrangements for hotels, private charter float- or ski-plane flights to Tagish Wilderness Lodge or a private shuttle to Tagish. Please contact your nearest travel agent for more information on flight connections and air fares. We will also be happy to assist you with your travel planning!
  • Air North - Yukon's Airline

    Our local Airline Air North operates several flight from Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Kelowna to Whitehorse. All Air North flights can be book directly through Tagish Wilderness Lodge. For more information on flight schedules etc. please visit www.flyairnorth.com.
  • WestJet

    Canada's favorite low-cost airline WestJet operates daily flights between Vancouver and Whitehorse seasonally from May until October. Please visit www.westjet.com for more information.
  • Air Canada

    Air Canada operates several flights per day from Vancouver nonstop to Whitehorse. Please visit www.aircanada.com or contact your local travel agent for more information on Air Canada connections and travel options.


Transfer Information to/from the Lodge:

  • Own vehicle from Watson Lake

    From the South: Driving on the Alaska Highway you turn left at Jake's Corner (Km 1392 / Mile 836.8) and continue west on the Tagish Road to Tagish (~20 km / 13.5 miles). After crossing the Tagish Bridge, continue for another 14 km / 8.7 miles to the Ten Mile Road (Southern Lakes Resort / Tagish Wilderness Lodge sign) on your left side. Follow the Ten Mile Road all the way to the Southern Lakes Resort / Tagish Wilderness Lodge Boat Launch (another 14 km / 8.7 miles).
  • Own vehicle from Whitehorse

    From the North: From Whitehorse, follow the Alaska Highway South and turn right onto the South Klondike Highway (approx. 29 km / 18 miles from town). Continue to Carcross (55 km / 34 miles). Just before reaching Carcross, turn left towards Tagish until you get to the Ten Mile Road (Southern Lakes Resort / Tagish Wilderness Lodge sign on your right side) after 18.5 km / 11.4 miles. Follow the Ten Mile Road all the way to the Southern Lakes Resort / Tagish Wilderness Lodge Boat Launch (another 14 km / 8.7 miles). Also, you can drive along the Alaska Highway all the way to Jake's Corner and continue as described under coming "From the South".
  • Private Floatplane / Skiplane

    Private charter flights by float- or ski-plane to/from Tagish Wilderness Lodge can be arranged through us. Alpine Aviation is our local partner for all flight arrangements to and from the Lodge. We can also arrange the planes to pick you up at another Lodge or a bush camp as l long as the conditions to land are satisfying. Please contact us for more information.
  • Private Shuttle

    Upon request, we can arrange a private shuttle from Whitehorse (Airport or Hotel), Carcross or Skagway. Please contact us for more information and prices.