• Summer Activities

Your Wilderness Summer Adventure

Discover the beauty of the Yukon by canoe, kayak, on a fishing trip or a hiking tour.

Spend your next summer vacation on the shores of Tagish Lake and experience Canada's most pristine nature, completely inaccessible by roads and cars. Choose one or more of the wide range of activities and sightseeing tours provided by the lodge and learn about the way of life in the bush! We provide different excursions for you to choose from - some of them can be combined, extende or modified to meet your personal taste and create an unforgettable wilderness experience! The base of your stay is always the 3-night accommodation package incl. full board and boat transfer.

All activities can be booked on spot or prior to arrival (rates on request). Once you are on the lodge, we take care of your activity planning to ensure the program meets your wishes and interests. To learn more about our current packages and rates, please visit the section “Choose”.

Here an overview of our activities offered in summer:

  • Fishing Excursions

    Join us on a fishing excursion to some of the best fishing spots in the Yukon where we fish for Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Arctic Grayling! Thanks to the very cold and clean water, some serious trophy sized trouts are living here and can get up to 20, 30 or sometimes even 40 lbs! Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we've got the right program and equipment for you! BBQ your catch for lunch on the campfire and enjoy the magnificent sceneries.

    Fishing for trout is mainly by trolling (similar to ocean salmon fishing), our main boat (max. 5 passengers plus guide) is fully equipped with 2 electric downriggers and sonar. Arctic Grayling and Northern Pike can be caught spin- or fly-fishing (please bring your own fly-fishing equipment). We provide you with all you need, even the Yukon Angling License can be purchased at the Lodge.

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  • Wildlife Viewing

    Tagish Wilderness Lodge sits in the middle of an amazing ecosystem. Let us take you on a wildlife viewing trip either by foot, boat or kayak/canoe. Depending on the season, there is a variety of small and large animals to discover. In spring, observe the moose cow with its newly born calf walking along the lake shore, the caribou sunbathing on the beach or a black bear foreging for fresh greens. Hike up the mountain to look for grizzly bears and mountain goats with the golden and bald eagles soaring high above you. In the fall, look for the majestic bull moose with its fully grown antlers searching for a mate. There is always something to discover and obsere .... the beaver building a new dam, the river otter patrolling the shores or the cute porcupine climbing the next tree for an afternoon nap.

    Also, Tagish Lake is well-known among ornithologists to be a bird lovers paradise with over 40 different species, some of them endangered!

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  • Hiking & Nature Walks

    Are you tempted by the hilltops and mountain peaks around you? Well, then let's go! Your knowledgeable guide takes you on a trip with a view! Move through the wilderness on trails made by animals and humans that went already through there long before our time. If you like to take it a bit slower - no problem. Our nature walks involve gentle activity combined with sharing our knowledge and the passion for the plants and wildlife that live in our area. Go herb picking before a sauna visit or just stroll along the beach, marveling at intricate driftwood creations and pebbles in all shapes and colors.

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  • Boat Excursions

    What is your idea of a perfect day? How about immersing yourself in the rich history of the Yukon? Or maybe combine several activities into a complete wilderness experience with boating, hiking, canoeing and a luxury shore lunch with the fish you caught? The choice is yours. We take you to fascinating places along the lake. Places that tell stories and impress by their unique beauty. We take you sightseeing, cruising, wildlife viewing. Wherever we go, we make sure we point out the wonders of this place to you, tell you the stories that goes it.

    At the end of the Lake (80 km from the Lodge) lies a jewel hidden in the coastal mountains - Ben-my-Chree. Known to many, but seen by few, this is an enchanted place we can take you to on our big history trip, complete with shore lunch and luxury dinner.

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  • Canoe & Kayak

    A placid lake, the only disturbance being a paddle stroking the water. Glide leisurely along the shore in your canoe or kayak, waiting for wildlife to come out of the bush or just enjoying the long summer days. Or how about taking a picnic along with you, prepared by the chef, and find yourself a beautiful, secluded beach.

    Some of our excursions even include paddling on remote mountain lakes, where we guarantee, you won't find any signs of human interference!

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