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Welcome to the Land of the Northern Lights!

Yukon Winter - A world of its own.

Winter season is a very special time on Tagish Lake. Although daylight is shorter, the Yukon Winter offers an amazing variety of activities and at Tagish Wilderness Lodge you can enjoy them all! Be active and hike through the winter forests on wooden snowshoes, track wildlife, run a dog-team on a dogsled excursion, join us on a exhilerating snowmachine ride accross the vast, frozen Lake, icefish your own lunch or simly pamper yourself in our boreal mini-spa and relax in the winter sunshine!

The activities shown below are samples of what we offer in our winter packages. You will find more about our winter packages here or visit our seperate
Yukon Winter Adventures website.

  • Dogsledding

    There is no better way to enjoy and embrace the Yukon Winter Wonderland! On a dogsled pulled by an amazing team of huskies, keen to please and keen to run. There is no sound on the vast lake but the scratching of the runners on the hard packed snow and the happy panting of your canine athletes. With you on the tour are professional mushers such as Michelle Phillips and her team, showing you the ropes and sharing their stories about their life with dogs. Whether it's a quick outing during an afternoon or a multi-day mushing experience, you can't help but being in awe about the strength and loyal characters of these dogs. During the in-depth mushing experiences, you will form a deep bond with your team, learning how to care for your dogs so they'll pull you again eagerly the next day.

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  • Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis

    One of nature’s most spectacular wonders! During cold and clear nights, the Aurora Borealis span all across the lake northwards. Some people say they hear them singing, some say the feel their skin trickling... whatever it is, it is truly magic and memorable!

    Wrapped comfortably in blankets with a cup of hot cocoa and your camera ready, you'll have the entire lake in front of you, spanning North-South. The perfect setting for the world's grandes show, with you in the VIP lounge!

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  • Snowmobiling

    The snowmachine – or skidoo – is the Yukoners number one mean of transportation in Winter. We rely on those machines to get us around, gather firewood or haul water. But just as well, they're a guarantee for a racy adventure, pure freedom and many new discoveries!

    With no roads and vehicles in your way, snowmobiling on Tagish Lake is an entirely different experience!

    If you love the pace and power of these machines, we will take you on exciting rides.

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  • Snowshoeing

    What happens if you go off the trail? You venture into the forests around Tagish Lake and discover the wildness, the quiet and the uniqueness of the boreal landscape. This energetic activity gets you out and going, keeps you warm and leaves you plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings, stop for the little things and interpret the many animal tracks along the way. Learn how nature copes with the extreme climate of the North and enjoy a mug-up on the lake shore, the sun shining in your face!

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  • Ice Fishing

    They say the best hole is the one with a view... come and try it yourself! On a sunny calm day, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the lake with your fishing rod, enjoying a hot cup of tea and a chat with your hosts or locals who travel on the lake. Let time pass by, jigging away and keeping an eye out for wildlife that may pop out of the bush. But don't forget to watch your line!

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